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Dhamma Pakasa

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Dhamma Pakasa, which can be translated as "Luster of Truth", stands on quiet and placid twenty acres next to the Four Lakes Forest Preserve in northern Illinois. Massive and venerable maples -- as well as birch, walnut and willow -- shelter the center buildings and wide green lawns. The three large flagstone-ringed ponds, which sit in neatly trimmed grass in the center of the property, are refuge to many beings. The clatter of dragonflies, the purling of catbirds, of jays and crows, chickadees, and bushtits, of sparrows, mallards and canada geese are punctuated now and again by the coughing of bullfrogs. Woodchucks, rabbits, green herons, box elder beetles, and families of geese with goslings are frequently seen in the wildflowers at the water's edge.

The Illinois center has been serving the Midwest since June 2003. The first ten-day course at this location was offered in January 2004 for just twelve students.  Courses are offered regularly to anyone who is interested in learning the technique of Vipassana meditation. This center is the newest of six in the the United States, and one of many worldwide where one can learn and practice the technique of Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin.

Center Facilities

The center accommodates fifty people at one time. The room configurations vary. While we want to make everyone as comfortable as possible, most students will have a private sleeping room that shares a bathroom with at least one other student. There is no guarantee of a private room for all students.

The dorm is a 5-7 minute walk from the meditation hall and the dining hall. Simple and wholesome vegetarian meals are served throughout the course. Those having special dietary needs can generally be accommodated, provided they contact the center well in advance of the course.

More information on course logistics can be found in the Code of Discipline.  Please also refer to the FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions.

To download a one-page color brochure with photos and further information about the accommodations please click here.

Course Capacity and Alternatives

If the course for which you are applying is full, you may want to consider applying for a course at other center or non-center location.  A non-center location provides the same quality of instruction as does a center, under fully qualified teachers, and with adequate accommodation. Non-center courses are offered in nearby Minnesota and Michigan.

Click here for a full list of non-center courses throughout North America 
and here for a list of center courses.

Please note that the course taking place over New Year's course is in very high demand at all of the locations that offer one.  If you are enrolled for one of these courses, and discover that you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make that space available to someone else.

Wait List

You are welcome to apply for courses that are waitlisted.  People do cancel, and just because a course appears full now does not mean that you might not have the opportunity to attend it.  Once you are accepted to the wait list, you will be asked how much advance notice you will require an order to be able to attend the course.  Knowing this information makes it easier for us to work through the list.

May All Beings Be Happy!

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